Fake Home Depot Survey

Local couple looking for work is taken by the fake check scam.
June 06, 2014


The Better Business Bureau warns consumers don’t be taken like a local couple that trusted the “home depot survey”. This secret shopper job scam lures the would-be employed with extra work, high pay, and a check.

Job seekers looking to make ends meet are responding to offers for employment as secret shoppers. All too often, unscrupulous promoters of job scams victimize job seekers. One such offer, which uses the name "The Home Depot Survey", but not to be confused with “The Home Depot”, uses the fake website URL of "www.homedepot/opinion.com" and the address of a Home Depot store location in Auburn, Calif.BBB confirmed that The Home Depot has no affiliation with the employment offer.

The Baird couple, on a fixed income, was sent a cashier’s check for some $1400 which includes advance pay of some $300. The scammer instructed them to activate their employment and evaluate the security and efficiency of various retailers by making purchases. 

 Job scams often attempt to legitimize themselves by using national brands and by involving the applicant in various activities. Eventually, the scammer asks the applicant to wire the balance of any unused funds to another country before realizing that the deposited cashier’s check is worthless, leaving the victim with a “secret” surprise - an overdrawn account. 

 There is no protection for consumers under these circumstances, if you deposit a bad check, you are responsible for it and for any funds paid from your account. These scams are pervasive.  According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), Business and Job Opportunities in 2013 ranked 14th and Foreign Money Offers and Counterfeit Check Scams ranked 17th in terms of the number of cases reported by FTC’s Consumer Sentinel Network.