AKA Grandparent Scam

Local Grandmother looses $6500 trying to help family members.
June 09, 2014


An Abilene widow lost $6500 dollars because she thought she was helping her grandson.  The woman was victimized over the phone, by multiple crooks and phone numbers all designed to put her under stress to send money immediately.  This scam happens all too often right in this area.  

The scam goes like this - the victim receives a distressed phone call or several calls from who they believe is a relative. Scammers make up an urgent situation— I’ve been in an accident, I've been arrested, I've been mugged, I'm in the hospital—and target friends and family with pleas for help and money.

BBB offers the following tips to avoid the emergency scam:

  • remain calm and confirm the status of the individual by calling them back directly or verifying the story with other family members before taking any further action.
  • Be extra cautious when asked to use wire transfer services, Western Union, Money Gram or a prepaid GREEN DOT card.  Green dot cards are the #1 choice of scammers in many fraud cases.  

BBB has launched a new website to educate everyone on how to avoid this and other scams.  Please visit www.bbb.org/scam-stopper