How BBB EU Privacy Shield can help your business


What is the new EU-US Privacy Shield Framework? 

On July 12, 2016, the US Department of Commerce and the European Commission announced the launch of a new EU-US Privacy Shield Framework to replace the US-EU Safe Harbor as a new arrangement for transatlantic data flows.  

While retaining many elements of the Safe Harbor, Privacy Shield includes enhanced consumer privacy protections for EU individuals, promotes greater transparency around data collection, use, and sharing, and helps U.S. companies demonstrate that their privacy practices meet EU data protection requirements.

What does this mean for your business? 

Privacy Shield enables US businesses to receive and process personal data from the EU countries after self-certifying their adherence to the protections set out in seven Privacy Shield Principles. Your public self-certification to Privacy Shield with the US Department of Commerce will ensure that European organizations and consumers know your business provides adequate privacy protection when:

  • You are expanding your operations into Europe and collecting EU customer or employee data;
  • You are processing EU data in the US for a business partner using Privacy Shield; or
  • In any situation where your business is using personal data of EU individuals. 

What is BBB EU Privacy Shield? 

US businesses participating in the EU-US Privacy Shield are required to provide an independent dispute resolution service to EU individuals whose personal data they collect. We created BBB EU Privacy Shield to help businesses of all sizes meet this requirement and conduct business in Europe using adequate data protections.

Benefits of BBB EU Privacy Shield:

For your business:

  • Demonstrated expertise in US- EU Data Privacy for more than 16 years 
  • Practical assistance to businesses of all sizes in navigating the new Privacy Shield requirements and self-certification process 
  • Ensures prompt responses to privacy inquiries and complaints

For your consumers

  • BBB is the most  trusted name in consumer dispute resolution
  • Online complaints process provides accessible, transparent dispute resolution
  • Services always offered free of charge to EU individuals
  • Speedy, impartial resolution through our staff conciliation process or independent Data Privacy Review.

Where can I learn more?

Visit the Department of Commerce Privacy Shield website for additional information about self-certifying to the Privacy Shield.