Note: All Better Business Bureau Profile Elements and Business Benefits are included with your monthly dues at no extra charge.


Business Profile Elements                     Business Profile Elements  
Link to Your Website
Link to Your Website  
Your Contact Information Your Contact Information  
Photos of Your Business   Photos of Your Business  
Videos of Your Business             Videos of Your Business  
Your License Information                 Your License Information  
Products You Sell             Products You Sell  
Brands You Sell                 Brands You Sell  
Letter or Star Rating   Letter or Star Rating  
Customer Reviews   Customer Reviews  
Discount Coupons           Discount Coupons  
Maps and Directions     Maps and Directions  
Refund and Exchange Policy                   Refund and Exchange Policy  
Your Hours of Operation           Your Hours of Operation  
Payment Methods You Accept               Payment Methods You Accept  
Your Business Logo             Your Business Logo  
Promote Special Offers             Promote Special Offers  
Question Forum               Question Forum  
Annual Sales                   Annual Sales  
Social Links                   Social Links  

Business Benefits                     Business Benefits  
Advertise Your Rating                 Advertise Your Rating  
Online Seal             Online Seal  
Website for Your Business                 Website for Your Business  
Directory Listing                 Directory Listing  
Identification Products                   Identification Products  
Standards                   Standards  
Customer Leads               Customer Leads  
Connect with Other Businesses               Connect with Other Businesses  
Monitor Online Mentions  
      Monitor Online Mentions  
SEO               SEO  
Create Blogs                   Create Blogs  
Create Newsletters                 Create Newsletters  
Business Ethics Training                   Business Ethics Training  
Activity Metrics       Activity Metrics  
Feature Reviews               Feature Reviews  
Net Promoter Score    

Net Promoter Score  
Job Listings                   Job Listings